Passport Program

Through the Passport Program,

the Kelly Clark Foundation is able to recognize and contribute to the efforts of nonprofits aligned with the Foundation's mission and vision.  The Passport Program funds non-profits that provide Underserved youth with opportunities to achieve success through snowboarding.  To qualify, a non-profit/community group must utilize multi-week snowboarding programs to (1) teach life skills and (2) mentor disadvantaged youth.

Passport funds are project specific, and allocated for the following uses: (1) food, (2) snowboarding equipment, (3) transportation to the mountains, (4) lift tickets, and/or (5) any other expenses necessary to facilitate a snowboarding program, including but not limited to, lessons, insurance, safety equipment, and so on.


  • A qualified 501(c)(3) organization with a valid IRS Tax ID;
  • The organization is seeking funds to facilitate a multi- week snowboarding program that (1) teaches life skills and (2) mentors disadvantage youth.
  • Project/program must be described with specificity, to include: (1) clear and specific goals, (2) objectives, (3) action plans, (4) a general budget, and (5) a clear measure for evaluating success.

Limitations on Passport Funding:

  • Passport funds may only be used on expenses directly and specifically related to facilitating a multi-week snowboarding program as described above.
  • Funds may not be used for: overhead, rent, fringe benefits, salaries, research, general operating support, conferences, political campaigns, endowments or any other indirect costs for the organization.