Kelly Clark was featured in a segment on KUSA 9, which went aired on March 10, 2014.

 In the segment, entitled “Kelly Clark Celebrates 7th Burton US Open Title,” Kelly discussed the Sochi Olympics and her 7th consecutive win at the Burton US Open, as well as her plans for the future. Kelly stated, “Realistically, you have 4 years until the next Olympics and the journey really does start now. It’s great to have goals, but as an Olympic athlete I know it’s not a destination, nor is it something that should define you. So I stick with my tricks and I stick with my process and I love the big picture goal to work towards.

The segment credited Kelly as the most decorated snowboarder, male or female. A seven-time Burton US Open winner and an Olympic medalist

KUSA 9 is a regional news and information program that airs on the regional NBC affiliate in Denver, CO.

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