Kelly Clark was featured on, which ran on February 16, 2014.

The slideshow entitled, “Winter Olympics 2014: How Cute Were These Olympians as Kids,” discussed how Olympian, including Kelly Clark, were getting ready for the Olympics as little kids. It featured images of a variety of athletes across multiple disciplines as little kids. The caption stated, “She was snowboarding before most of us even knew what a snowboard was, and at 18, was off to her first Olympics, where she won gold. Now 30, she's competing in her fourth Games, and we're guessing her form has improved just a little since 1995.”

The article credited Kelly as an Olympic gold medalist. It featured a prominent color image of Kelly riding as a little kid. is the online component for People magazine and focuses on people in the arts, sciences, business, politics, entertainment and sports worlds. Editorial focus appeals to the consumer interested in staying on top of the news events affecting famous celebrities daily lives. It has over

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