Health & Wellness

Kelly Clark was featured in the “Health & Wellness” section of US News & World Report, which went live on January 23, 2014.

In the feature entitled, “Snowboarder Kelly Clark's Ride Toward the Olympics,” Kelly discussed how she is preparing physically and mentally for the Winter Games in Sochi. Kelly stated, “I think people can look to athletics and say it's all physical, or it's all mental, but at the end of the day – physically, no one can do what we do on snowboards. It's got to be 95 percent physical; your average person couldn't just drop in and figure it out. But that 5 percent mental can completely erase your 95 percent of prep work if you allow it to.”

The feature credited Kelly as an Olympic gold medalist snowboarder and the first woman in history to execute a 1,080-degree spin in competition. The feature included two prominent color images of Kelly. She was also credited as the most accomplished athlete in men's and women's snowboarding history, with a résumé that includes three Olympic appearances, four U.S. Grand Prix titles and 11 X Games medals. Along with the feature are two prominent color images of Kelly.

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