Kelly Clark was featured on’s “One-Minute Master Class” section, which went live on December 20, 2013.

The feature entitled, “Get A Rock-Solid Body Like Olympic Snowboarder Kelly Clark,” discussed Kelly’s career and how she is getting ready for the Sochi Olympic Games. Kelly stated, “I love that there's no mold - the sport is still developing. There's no cap on what's possible and there's always something new to learn."

The feature credited Kelly as a “board legend,” and two-time Olympic medalist. It included an image of Kelly riding and a video of Kelly teaching how to do a hamstring swissball curl. is for woman interested in health, fitness, career issues and relationship balance. It provides insightful articles and ideas for stimulating individual potential through acceptance and realization. Takes a look at new fitness trends, fashions, nutrition information and career management tactics. It receives over 1,057,342 unique visitors per month.

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