1) Fill out Scholarship Application Form

2) Attach Proof of Enrollment

3) Attach one completed letter of recommendation form

4) Attach a copy of your most recent tax return

5) Attach a copy of your most recent report card

6) Attach a one page essay on the following topic: Discuss three important values that you have discovered through snowboarding. How do plan on using these values this year on the mountain and in other areas of your life?

If awarded a scholarship, you must send an update to the Kelly Clark Foundation at the end of the season with photos and results as outlined in the scholarship agreement. 

Applicants must complete the Scholarship Application by August 30th 2014

How To Apply 

Download and complete the forms below. Be sure to include all attachements required. 

Application Form

Recommendation Form

Where to send applications

Email completed 6-part application to 
(Email preferred) 

or send by mail to: 

The Kelly Clark Foundation

P.O. Box 100 PMB 468

Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546